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About Matakana Coffee Roasters

We believe that the coffee you drink should
be made with absolutely the freshest beans possible.

That’s why we operate two roasters in Matakana and roast small batches frequently. This way our customers large and small always enjoy the very freshest beans available. We subscribe to that great adage “garbage in-garbage out” and so refuse to roast anything but the very highest quality beans from the world’s most acclaimed plantation estates and coffee growing regions. You’ll taste the difference in the cup.
Matakana Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by Lindesay Smith and Angela Stechman who have surrounded themselves with a crew that have a tangible passion for coffee excellence. An absolute love of espresso is the cost of entry to this team.
Lindesay learned to roast as an understudy to a Master Roaster in Hawaii in 1989, coming home to set up the Sierra Cafes chain-of which there is presently 23 outlets in and around Auckland. Angela’s professional background has been in sales and category management with food multinationals. She more recently ran the couple’s successful Black Dog cafe in Matakana village and is an accomplished roaster.
Lindesay and Angela moved to Matakana 5 years ago to set up their coffee business and become part of the region’s artisanal community of growers and producers. Coffee excellence and customer satisfaction have been the prime focus in this thriving enterprise. Perhaps best demonstrated by the love you’ll find in every cup of Matakana Coffee Roasters’ beautiful coffees.

Awarded Silver in the
Best Plunger Coffee category in the 2008 NZ Coffee Awards.

Matakana Coffee Roasters