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Matakana Coffee Roasters produce both Trade and Take Home products

Matakana Coffee Roasters produce both Trade and Take Home products in two branded ranges-Matakana Coffee and The Love Shack coffees. The new Love Shack range includes Organics and Fair Trade blends

We roast beans sourced from estates in Africa, The Americas and The Pacific region and provide a comprehensive range of either single varietals or blends. 
We roast in small batches allowing us to closely focus on the specific bean’s characteristics and take each roast to that precise moment when the coffee releases its optimum flavours and aromatics.

Our regular roast schedule includes:
Colombian Medellin Excelso Guatemalan SHB
Kenya AB PNG Sigri Estate
Ethiopian Harrar Brazil Cerrado
Sumatran Mandheling Mexican Organic
PNG Organic Colombian Swiss Water

Lindesay’s roasting experience spans over 20 years of hands on involvement ,including the creation of the original Sierra “House Blend” which to date has been used in over 20 million cups of espresso.
You can experience our coffees any Saturday at the Matakana Village Farmers Market or in many of the region’s best restaurants, cafes, wineries and retail outlets.
Please contact us for a current price list, roasting schedule, retail outlets, or trade supply arrangements. We welcome all Trade enquiries.

Any of these beans can be purchased as single varietals, blended to your requirements, or, as our standard blends.
We highly recommend the Matakana roasters “Village Market blend” and our Love Shack “House blend”. Both of which have received outstanding reviews from professional and amateur palates.

Matakana Coffee Roasters